Tree Moving, Delivery & Install

When a new tree is transplanted, it requires that the hole that the tree is placed into be properly filled with soil. We often perform this work or the client can do this themselves. This must be done or severe damage to the tree will occur. Mulch, usually wood chips, is placed on the root ball of the tree to help maintain moisture and temperature levels. Guy wires are installed where needed to allow the transplanted tree time to establish roots as an anchoring system. The guy wires must be removed one to two years later.

If you require more details or would like to speak to us about these services and prices related to them please do not hesitate to contact us.


Large Tree Spade

Our large tree spades are Vermeer TS-84 models, mounted on tandem axle trucks. These spades dig a hole 84 inches in diameter and approximately 60 inches deep. With this spade we can transplant larger caliper trees – up to 9 inches in trunk diameter measured 12” above ground. When a tree is mounted the truck requires 12’ clearance for access. Tree size varies depending on species and condition of the tree. The spade will physically move trees of a much larger caliper, however we do not recommend transplant of these larger trees that may not survive or recover well from transplanting.


Small Tree Spade

Our small spade is a Vermeer TS-44 model, mounted on a four wheel drive short axle one ton truck. This truck is light weight and very maneuverable in tight spaces. This spade will dig a hole 44 inches in diameter and approximately 36 inches deep. With this spade, we can move smaller caliper trees up to 4 inches in trunk diameter measured 12” above ground. When a tree is mounted the truck requires 10’ clearance for access. This is ideal for trees purchased from our nursery or to transplant trees within your landscape. 

If spade truck access is not possible, trees can be dug and placed in wire baskets and delivered with tractor, crane truck, tree dolly or mini excavator.