Tree Fertilization & Transplant Care

In a natural forest setting trees receive nutrients, oxygen and water from the forest floor and natural environment with relative ease. However, in a residential environment your trees must compete with grass, shrubs, and flowers. While trying to compete they are also hindered by the unnatural soil compaction that is inherent to residential lands. If the soil is compacted and covered with grass the tree is will have limited access to nutrients, oxygen, and water. 

Methods & Strategies

Mulch Beds:

The simplest and most cost effective way to establish the natural nutrients needed to help your trees maintain an adequate level of their core essentials is to install a mulch bed. This can be done by adding drip lines at a depth of 2 to 3 inches. Although this is a natural method that greatly simulates the natural forest environment, this method can be considered messy by some property owners. Below are some more aesthetically pleasing approaches that we offer.

Vertical Mulch Aeration:

The vertical mulch aeration method is done by drilling 2 inch diameter hose with an earth auger then, backfilling with compost and/or granular fertilizer. This approach allows really compacted soil to help to rehabilitate the soil structure. Once the soil around the root base has experienced this method both natural and chemical slow release fertilizer to be made available to the tree.

Tree Heath Evaluation:

As seen above these are our most common solutions however we are not limited by these methods. We are “the tree people” and stand confidently behind our experience. Whatever the method we can help you to establish a more vigorous and healthy growing landscape on your property. This concept is somewhat simple…restore the natural habitat. Accurately analyze the deficiency and promote stable environments.

Deep Root Feeding:

We can provide a deep root feeding performed with water suspended slow release fertilizer that is strategically injected into the root level. This process provides sufficient fertilization that supplies nutrients directly within the root network that are readily available for the tree up to 2 years.

Radial Trenching:

For more critical attention when soil and tree damage is severe we can perform radial trenching. This may include hydrovac excavation of the soil 6-8 inches wide with channels extending to root depth. Once excavated backfilling the trenches with an infused compost soil mixtures will immediately promote soil structure for the root system and overall tree integrity.

If you require more details or would like to speak to us about these services and prices related to them please do not hesitate to contact us.